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Hello Everyone,

I feel sooo ashamed of myself – 3 months without a post! – what’s been going on?

The answer is that life is going on. I have been very busy living it up and working on some side business projects, intended to help stem the financial challenges posed by the global financial crisis.

Still, it is very bad to break a rhythm – after all, you wouldn’t watch a TV station that broadcasted the daily news randomly on some days, but not others.

I have been hearing more about this Twitter phenomenon – I still consider it to be the social w*ank of the month, like all its predecessors Facebook, MySpace, Friendster etc, but it is growing strongly and I do see a few ways in which it can be convenient – mainly because it encourages brevity – only 140 characters per ‘tweet’, so I have decided to give it a whirl.

When I am too busy to write a full-fledged post, I will instead post a tweet. My twitter address is:

Latest tweets are now visible in the sidebar widget underneath the login form.

I intend for the bulk of future Here’s Trouble’s tweets to address common, every-day news and banality whereas blog posts will be aimed at creating timeless content – the bulk of this blog’s most viewed posts appear to be the latter.

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