F*** the Macarena

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In 1996, a horrible sonic plague was unleashed upon the world. By this, I mean the song ‘Macarena’ by Los Del Rio. The song had a few mixes and covers, but the most played release was the Bayside Boys remix.

I dislike it for the following reasons:

  1. The repetitive accompaniment consisting of maybe four notes tops
  2. It would somehow sneak into playlists at parties and get a crowd into a retarded synchronised frenzy
  3. The song’s lyrics teach women that cheating on your boyfriend is a cool and fun thing to do
  4. The outfits of the women in the video
  5. Having the two old guys (who wrote the song) in the video was clearly an afterthought
  6. The fact that after this was a hit, they came back for a second money grab with the “Christmas Joy mix” that replaced the English portion with snippets of Christmas Carols.

For those of you who dislike this song as much as me, I bring you “F*** the Macarena” by MC Rage, courtesy of Youtube. It’s hardcore techno (gabba) and apparently was a hit in the Netherlands. Good on ’em.

WARNING: Profanity – use headphones if at work

Oh, and if you really need to be reminded of the original:


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