Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2010-03-23

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  • Heather Mills, ex gold-digger wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney, has squandered the $50m of divorce money she got: #
  • To Tony Abbott, Lib opposition leader: those who don't learn the mistakes of history are destined to repeat them: #
  • ABC chairman Maurice Newman tries to talk journalists into permitting debate on evidence for Global Warming: #
  • The Cold Facts on Global Warming: A mathematically and scientifically based view that challenges alarmist predictions: #
  • Great tips on what to do if you are injured while travelling overseas: #
  • 'Dem Catholic Priests sure love 'dem young boys – the latest from Germany: #
  • Representatives from Group of 8 Australian Universities warn "Maths education is in crisis": #
  • Gourmet catering for your upcoming Christmas party: #
  • British? Wedding bells coming your way? Why not celebrate your bucks nite at Auschwitz! #
  • Israeli woman writes open letter to parents of American "useful idiot" activist Rachel Corrie: #
  • Young Jedi knight receives apology from UK employment office after being kicked out for refusing to disrobe: #

Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2010-03-02

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  • Tim Blair explains incompetence and irresponsibility of environment minister Peter Garrett's home insulation scheme: #
  • Aussie Judge tries to talk sense into Catholics about evils of celibacy following conviction of pedophile priest: #

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