Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2010-01-26

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  • Crazed ex-Indonesian leader Dr Mahatir says that making of film "Avatar" proves that 9/11 attacks could have been faked #
  • Rip-off Lane Cove toll road in receivership: #
  • UN Climate Chief retracts alarmist claims of imminent disappearance of Himalayan glaciers: #
  • Britain facing decade of economic pain: #
  • CSIRO comes to its senses and admits that it can't attribute drought to climate change: #

Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2010-01-19

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  • Some imported Chinese toys are being made with high levels of the heavy metal Cadmium, which is toxic to children: #

Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2010-01-12

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Help Identify These ATM Skimming Suspects

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The people in the following CCTV security video are wanted in relation to a large ATM-skimming operation in Sydney and Wollongong. Here, they are shown using illegally cloned ATM cards to withdraw money from Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Burwood and Bankstown.

Detectives allegedly discovered large amounts of money had been stolen from accounts accessed at ATMs in Bankstown, Parramatta, Burwood, Chinatown and Haymarket in Sydney. It is assumed that these ATM had been fitted with sophisticated skimming devices that captured the magnetic strip of the cards and the PIN number entered on the keypad.

If you recognise them, please contact Wollongong Police on (02) 4226 7899 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000:

For more info, read the following articles:

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