The Berlin Wall Reconstructed by Computer

March 30, 2013 by
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“Walled In!” is a 10-minute computer-animated documentary, in which the Berlin Wall and the East German-West German border (Inner-German border) have been reconstructed in incredible detail.

It was produced by Deutsche Welle – Germany’s international broadcaster.

You can really get a sense of how scared the Communist government was of letting its citizens flee its repression. Amongst the most gruesome booby traps installed inside the no-mans land include:

  • “Stalin’s Lawn” – sheets of vertical metal spikes, usually placed underneath the balconies of buildings that reached over the East German side of the Berlin Wall./li>
  • SM-70 Antipersonnel Mines – a spring gun that fires lethal shots at defectors trying to climb the wall on the West German side of the Inner-German border.

Also fascinating were the measures taken to reduce the likelihood of the East German border guards defecting themselves.

Here is another link for more information:


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