Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2009-10-12

October 12, 2009 by
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  • Australian Mining company Lihir Gold reckons that gold could reach $1500/oz: #
  • Broke British government starts selling off assets to pay for their past mismanagement: #
  • British Government to scare children at bedtime with latest global warming alarmism propaganda ad: #
  • Saudi Arabian man sentenced to 5 years prison and 1000 lashes for boasting about his sex exploits on TV: #
  • The days of blackface performances are truly over: #
  • Getting married? Don’t hire this photographer for your special day: #
  • Italian Scientists create fake Shroud of Turin using 14th century techniques, adding to evidence that it is a fake: #
  • Nope, Iranian madman Ahmadinejad is not of Jewish descent: #
  • Science: Another Ice Age? From Time Magazine June 1974 – #
  • $15 device that allows Arab Women to fake their virginity causes outrage in Egypt: #
  • Aspiring book burning Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni launches ‘war’ to avenge UNESCO election loss: #
  • Blogger exposes falsehood of Goldstone report on Gaza: #
  • ANSTO and Australian National University join forces to develop clean nuclear power: #
  • Religious advisory panel opposes secular ethics classes for NSW primary school students: #
  • Supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths agree to stop blocking competitors from leasing space in shopping centres: #
  • Idiots in public education – Queensland public school gives bullied autistic boy a ‘stop’ sign to ward off bullies: #
  • Communications Minister Stephen Conroy announces plan to split Telstra: #
  • Leading Lebanese Muslim cleric issues fatwa forbidding normal relations with Israel, even with a peace treaty: #
  • 12-year old Yemeni child bride dies giving birth: #
  • In South Africa, a carrier pigeon provided faster connectivity than ADSL Broadband Internet: #
  • Australian Idol accused of exploiting mentally ill people for entertainment: #
  • Stupid Liberal MP Scott Morrison says porn should be treated like guns: #
  • Canada grants white South African asylum: #
  • No principles, no morals: UK prostitutes itself to Libyan Dictatorship: #
  • Great Britain surely is the best place to commit a bank robbery: #
  • Irresponsible, Lying French TV Journalist Charles Enderlin, who promoted Al-Dura hoax, awarded France’s highest honour: #
  • NSW Premier Nathan Rees the Super Hero: #
  • India and China have “complete convergence” on climate issues: #
  • Very scary – Israeli scientists discover how to fake DNA evidence without physical contact with the target: #
  • He’s a really lucky prick: Crashed pilot rescued from Irish sea by rowing team attempting world record: #
  • No more shots! Israeli researchers develop new tablet treatment for diabetes: #
  • He had it coming: Rapper C-Murder convicted of murder: #
  • Canadian Catholic Church pays $15 million in compensation for sexual abuse of children: #
  • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu learns from predecessors’ mistakes: #
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reckons that Australian home prices are overvalued by 20%: #


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