Here’s Trouble Brief Blogs for 2009-11-03

November 3, 2009 by
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  • CPRS (emissions trading) quack scheme cost expected to blow out by $1.2 Billion dollars:
  • Last few remaining Yemen Jews forced to leave following Muslim threats and attacks:
  • How to revive a mobile phone or electronic device if you’ve dropped it in water:
  • KFC founder Colonel Sanders visits the UN:
  • Israeli biotech firm BiondVax develops universal Influenza vaccine:
  • 52-year old washing machine sets operating record:
  • Church of Scientology’s latest victim – an Aussie soldier:
  • Fantastic article from the Independent explaining the reality of ‘Palestinian refugees’:
  • ASIC backstabs victims of corporate fraud and mismanagement by making class action lawsuits harder to initiate:
  • Idiots in public education: South Australian school bans hugging between boys and girls:
  • Israeli court sets precedent to avoid sexism and prejudice in domestic violence lawsuits:
  • ABC TV presenter Virginia Trioli’s finger twirling gesture directed at Barnaby Joyce exposes Left-wing bias of ABC:


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